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We would like to provide you with information from a variety of sources that we think you have a right to know. We at this site are not "conspiracy theorists" we are radical thinkers, researchers, journalists and truth seekers.


We beleive that most of the things you know are what you have been told by your government or your media and in some cases your own family, we do not seek to deny your faith, insult your inteligence, tell you what to think, insist we are right or say you are wrong, we just have different or even to some new information that we think, is your right to have access to, so at least you can make up your own mind.

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Why Should You Care?

To be honest that's up to you, we don't want you to make decisions that you don't want to, what we are concerned about is that the governments of the world seem to be making decisions that are effecting us now, will affect our children in the future and all they seem to care about is the money they can make. whilst they are doing this.


What does Zeitgeist Mean

The Zeitgeist Movement (Zeitgeist is a German expression meaning "the spirit [Geist] of the time [Zeit]") is a global, nonprofit, nonviolent sustainability and social equality advocacy organization founded in 2008. Zeitgeist proposes that humanity, essentially, abolish capitalism, the nation-state and parliamentary bodies, and adopt a moneyless global socioeconomic system in which all resources would be equitably, commonly and sustainably shared.





We are a group of people who want to be able to say we are free. If you want to be free too, click the link and see how to start Freedom


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